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Breath is not a passive action; it’s the control switch to your nervous system.
Here you will find breathwork resources including breathing techniques and courses for the improvement of your well-being.
Breathing techniques for navigating life:

…there’s a breath for that.

Often, we reach a breaking point before acknowledging our neglected needs.
It’s at this moment that we’ve been conditioned to seek temporary fixes that conceal issues. When these bandaids no longer cover the issues, guides like me get a call. But now, we understand that the key to long-term well-being is right under our nose.
This self realization marks the start of the path to sustainable wellness. Our predecessors instinctively understood that breath is the path to energy, mental and emotional well-being, and spiritual harmony. Science now acts as a guiding light, revealing how to access this gateway to self-restoration consciously.​
In my career, I have witnessed the power of breathwork in reducing stress, alleviating colds, easing anxiety, reducing inflammation, relieving depression and PTSD, enhancing performance, and much more!

Breathwork Expert | Fitness Professional

Black hills breathwork
benefits of breathwork

Ancient Practice Meets Modern Science

There is now a ton of science to back up what our ancestors knew intuitively. Highlighted here are just a few examples of studies that show the power of conscious breathing techniques and their influence on the body, mind and emotions.
But what exactly is breathwork?
Simply stated, breathwork involves conscious breathing techniques. Just as exercise involves conscious movement, specific techniques yield specific outcomes. And the best part? You have full control over it all!
…so much more is possible!
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Choose a resource below and get started!

Breathwork Bootcamp

A self- paced online course that will give you a firm foundation in the utility of breath. Purchase it once, have it for life.

My Book - Igniting Humans

Most human beings are edging on burnout - being chronically stressed. It doesn't have to be this way. There can be grace, flow and sustainability.

Breathwork App

Source is the world’s leading breathwork app. Mission - provide + promote sustainable wellness one inhale, and one exhale at a time.

Breathwork Merch.

My wife, son and I began designing t-shirts (and more) out of the naming of a stuffed animal. This link will take you directly to our breathowrk swag.

Black hills breathwork

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