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Breath Master & Fitness Professional
Josh is on a life-long quest to crack the code on how to be the ultimate version of oneself - body, mind, heart, and soul.
Josh’s Bio

Experience Is The Bridge To Wisdom

In short, this is my story…
Josh, a seasoned figure in fitness and wellness, embarked on his journey in 2009. Establishing a prominent Fitness Coaching company in Denver, CO, he encountered a serious lung infection in 2018 that stumped Western Medicine. Turning to breathwork and oxygen therapy, Josh miraculously healed himself and regained his health through focused breathing techniques. This experience propelled him to delve deeper into breathwork, leading to a new career path and the establishment of a thriving global breathwork company. Collaborating with renowned figures and brands in the breathwork filed, Josh’s work expanded to include top names such as Oxygen Advantage, Niraj of SOMA and others all featured on the breathwork app – Source.
Now residing in the enchanting Black Hills of South Dakota, Josh continues to share his expertise through personal coaching, speaking engagements, and breathwork instructor certifications.
Black hills breathwork
Black hills breathwork